FTTX distribution box

The optical network unit to the single house, floor distribution of residence building and upon head
power utility installation, always requires compact design, easy installation and operation, as well as weather durable characteristics.
Premium-Line FTTH distribution box is aim designed for multi-purpose applications in FTTH projects, the dual layer design supports direct termination, and also FTTH distributions via mini splitter built in, available for from 1:2 to 2:32 distributions with Premium-Line FTTH distribution cable. The special designed cable exit fits with FTTH drop flat cable, guarantee the IP grading before and after operations. 4ports, 8ports, 16ports, 24ports, 36port s and 48ports is optional.

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Premium-Line FTTH distribution box, 4, 8, 16ports, without adapters
Premium-Line FTTH distribution box, 24ports, without adapters
Premium-Line FTTH distribution box, 36, 48ports, without adapters