Data Center Cabling Design Course is now available


Dear partners,

We are pleased to inform that a free online course on Data Centers is already available in the Premium-Line Academy.

The course program includes a theoretical part of the data center design, a review of standards, and reveals all issues related to the implementation of structured cable networks in this area. This is an opportunity to gain system knowledge and understand complex technical issues. In addition, the course is supplemented with an overview of Premium-Line solutions that can be used in the data center construction. Also, we have additional free online services, such as an online calculator, and Visio shapes, which are also presented in the course.

The course consists of 12 lectures – short videos of about 10 minutes each, a practical unit and a final test.

Information is presented very concisely, so that your time is used as efficiently as possible. The course is free. Only registration is required.

After completing the course and successfully passing the final test, you can immediately download the personal certificate. Each certificate of the Premium-Line academy has the QR code – a link that allows you to check the certificate authenticity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new knowledge. Register now!

Also, our new video is for your attention. This is a quick overview of the Data Center Solution Calculator, the online service that can help you quickly make specifications and save time. This service is free. Details how it works are in the video.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Premium-Line New Year installation


Dear partners

This year was very different in each country – somewhere it was calm, somewhere not so much and there were chaos and uncertainty. Therefore, the main skills that we all need in this modern world are flexibility and creative thinking. A non-standard approach and the search for new ways are the key to success in doing business and this trend will continue to be relevant.

The Premium-Line New Year installation is for your attention.

We hope this musical and technological visualization will inspire you with new ideas.

We wish you to be creative and develop your out-of-the-box thinking.

May you have many interesting installations in 2023!

Happiness, harmony to you and your loved ones!


Your Premium-Line Team

The Premium-Line New Year installation is for your attention.


Premium-Line Team on the Cairo ICT 2022 Exhibition


The 26th edition of the Cairo ICT 2022 Exhibition was run from 27 November until 30 November 2022. It united 500+ Egyptian and international companies specialized in technology and communications solutions participating in the event.

This year’s the event was held under the slogan of ‘Leading Change.’ The exhibition is the most prominent regional platform for bringing and reviewing the most important trends and technologies in the sector.

Cairo ICT deals with many and more accurate areas, including the impact of cloud computing and giant international data centers on the sovereignty of countries, as well as the issue of securing countries, institutions, companies, and various entities from the risks associated with the digital transformation.

How the Premium-Line team worked

The Premium-Line brand was represented by Premium-Line Africa team. As always, the most relevant products and solutions were presented at our booth. The local consultants and IT delegates were there. We tried to create the most comfortable atmosphere for negotiations. And it seems we succeeded. Our booth was visited by delegations from various African countries who were invited by the Arab Organization for Industrialization. Wael Salah – Regional Director of Premium-Line MEA dealt with the organization of this visit.

The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) is one of the largest, strongest, competitive, diverse and technology-based industrial platforms in Egypt, Arab world, Africa, and the whole world, working together with its spearheading staff and key strategic partners to realize sustainable and inclusive development.

So many people, who are usually far from each other, were in one place for a short period of time. It was a rich and most vivid moment of the event, because we were able to get to know each other, discuss many important issues and agree on further cooperation. The Managing Director of Premium-Line Robert Grischany had the opportunity to hold a meeting with the delegates of the Zambia Ministry of Technology and Science and representatives of Zimbabwe.

We thank all partners who visited our booth. We thank OASIS DISTRIBUTION SAE team for their fruitful and professional work throughout the exhibition. We wish everyone success and see you at the new events.

The AOI with delegates from more than 15 African countries visited the Premium-Line Africa booth to get updated on Premium-Line’s innovative cabling solutions.

From left to right: Robert Grischany, Managing Director of Premium-Line; Lamis Hassan, Channel Technical Manager of Premium-Line MEA – FZE; Essam Eldin Abugnaya, General Manager of ACC Sudan; Wael Salah, Regional Director of Premium-Line MEA.


Premium-Line Fiber Optic High Density Patch Panel – the nuances of use


The high density installation is a task that many installers have to solve and that is why the Optic High Density Patch Panel from Premium-Line is in demand. This is especially relevant for data centers, where the solution must be flexible and allows for different installation variations.

There are key features of FO HD Patch Panel:

  • High Density: 1U/144F 2U/288F 4U/576F LC
  • 1U/1728F 2U/3456F 4U/6912F MPO/MTP
  • Simple Migration – 10 / 40 / 100 Gb/s
  • Light Weight: Aluminum Panel & Plastic Cassette
  • Flexible Operation and Smart Cabling

Plug-in Cassette:

  • Suit for 8F /12F/24F MPO-LC fanout
  • Plastic & manual clip design for easy Operation
  • Multi connector & adapter options
  • Clear adapter & cassette labeling

More technical information you can find here.

Our experience has shown that the technical description of the product is not always enough, so we have prepared several videos for you to fully reveal all the advantages of this panel.

This video shows all the nuances: what the panel looks like, how the cassettes are filled, how they can be removed from the panel, how decommutation takes place, etc.

In this video, we demonstrate the LC Uniboot FO Connector and why this solution is very convenient to use in high installation density.

Please note that there are free Visio stencils for this solution. They can help to visualize projects and prepare relevant documentation for the team or for presentation to the client. You can download the Visio stencils for the FO High Density Patch Panel here.

The explanatory video for your attention:


Premium-Line Academy is opened


Dear partners,

We’d like to inform you about the update of our e-learning system, and officially announce the opening of the Premium-Line academy website. This is the modern platform that allows you to get knowledge online. As before, all our courses are available and open to everyone. Only registration is required.

The following online courses are currently available:

* New online courses are expected soon.

Now you will be able to get knowledge in a more convenient interface and receive the certificate immediately after completing the course. The certificate has a QR code that allows you to check its authenticity. You can send QR code to your customers and partners to confirm the certificate authenticity.

Important information!

If you have already trained with us and were registered on the main site, now you will need to register and create a new account in the new system.

Premium-Line Installer Re-certification Online Training: this course is not available, access to training can be obtained by additional request. See details on the course page.

Premium-Line at Gitex Global. Travel in Dubai 2022


Dear partners,

Participating in Gitex Global has become a tradition. We have been exhibiting at the fair for 15 consecutive years. There is always something new and exciting. This year, from October 10 to 14, our team was again in the UAE, at the Dubai World Trade Center.

As always, our booth was located in the German Pavilion. Samples of products and solutions that have the greatest demand on the market were presented here.

Very often visitors paid attention to our Slim Line patch cords. There were also requests for fiber-optic solutions for implementing FTTx networks. Many questions were asked about Data Centers and the possibility of receiving technical advice during negotiations and implementation of projects. It is interesting that one of the most popular sections on our website is the Visio stencils, where there are Visio templates for all our solutions. We had visitors applauding our efforts in making the stencil available by telling us about their experience of using these stencils. The Premium-Line Visio stencils help a lot, and they are free and available for download.

It should be noted that we didn’t only communicate with technical engineers who are interested in structured cable systems. Exhibition visitors are very different. They include students, people who are looking for a job, visitors who are interested and ask the simple question “What is this?”.

The fact is that the cable network is an invisible fundament. A person can live in a house or work in an office and not know about the existence of such a network. Until the Internet goes down or some equipment stops working. While working at the exhibition, we have to answer specific technical questions from specialists, as well as providing general information about what a cable network is and how an ordinary router should be connected to a cable. Such communication is not only our work, it is also our mission, which we fulfill with pleasure.

Also, every day, pleasant surprises awaited us – meetings with partners and friends from different countries. The atmosphere of this event cannot be expressed in words. In order to share our emotions, we have prepared a video for you – Premium-Line at Gitex Global. Travel in Dubai 2022. For your attention!

We would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation, we hope that we will be able to meet more often. Also, we thank the German pavilion team, and everyone who worked during Gitex, ensuring the wellbeing of visitors, and provided comfortable working conditions!

See you on the next events!