3P reaffirms Cat7-TOP-Quality

Jul. 4th, 
2012, Premium Line Cat.7 cable, 600MHz bandwidth, again acquires the 3P (Third Party Testing, Denmark) Approval and Certificate on its excellent characteristics and performances. 

Since 2002 Cat.7 cable displayed in ISO/IEC standard, naming as Class F, Premium Line started at the year to produce this cable and was approved by 3P. Even after  years Cat.6A(Class EA) definition came out and requires 500MHz for 10G application built on protocol 10G BASE-T, but Premium Line continues Cat.7 cable to cover the Cat.6A cable requirements. 

Thus, we are using Cat.7 cable for your Cat.6A orders

Cat.7 cable is backwards compatible Cat.6A and all below categories base on RJ45 connector. And its high quality also suitable for tera termination or GG45 connector as a future proofed solution! 

Premium Line complete 10G solution together with Cat.7 cables

SSTP Patch Cord: A high-performance solution for all patching applications, modular patch cords meet or exceed all pending 
Channel requirements for augmented category 6A.

Shielded Keystone Jack: Easily terminated 10G 6A Shielded RJ-45 style modular outlets/jacks meet or exceed all Class EA channel requirements via an enhanced design, including alien crosstalk parameters.

Unloaded Patch Panel for System: Premium Line 10G 6A unloaded patch panel provides Class EA performance in a reliable and flexible modular solution. Compact design for 1U 24Port high density application.

Flexible consolidation point cables: They are popular in horizontal cabling system, its featured characteristic – Easy and Fast Deployment – is realized by professional IT staff, and they apply it many occasions and places.