Premium Line Class EA 10G Shielded Solution - For Your Growth on Datacenter Business

According to latest report of Structured Cabling Technology and Market Assessment, people all see there are opportunities with higher-bandwidth shielded products, such as CAT6A F/UTP and CAT7 S/FTP, which will both see upwards of 25% CAGRs. So, 10G BASE-T over Class EA 10G products is now finally starting to gain the market share, and its major growth is on the datacenter part! 

Premium Line 10G Shielded Solution has been successfully applied for many datacenter projects in past years over the whole world, and with over 20 experiences of manufacturing and Structured Cabling Systems, we are willing to support you and witness the mutual benefits together!

To step into real business, we would like to share you the correct knowledge of its components and links, from the standards and also the demands of real installation,

- Performance Differences on Standards 
For 10G solution, ISO/IEC 11801 & EN50173 defines higher component performance than ANSI/TIA 568C.2 
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Pursuit of Highest Performance 
1. 15m Cable Short Permanent Link Test

We’re using Psiber WX4500 Class FA tester and Fluke DTX 1800 to verify Premium Line 10G Solution. For Shielded Solutions, among in Permanent Link Test, Channel Test, Long length, short length … the most critical is Permanent Link test with 15m short length of cable, to remove the attenuation affection from the cable and also avoid even shorter length but some parameters are ignored.


Connectors Test and Expansions of Applications – CP Cable Join in

Most 10G, 40G or 100G applications are mainly exist in datacenter. The data racks are connected by these cables and modules. But for the end of loop, the server and storage rack (EDA & SAN), we could use Premium Line CP cable to keep the wiring connection of EDA & SAN to frontal distribution rack easier and convenient. 


Premium Line 10G Shielded Solution has been already verified the 3 connectors test with CP Cable joined in. Individual test report is available to attach with product. 



Module and Optional Modular Products Available


We offer Premium Line Cat.6A Keystone Module, and all kinds of modular panels and outlets.