Outdoor Metal Free FTTH Distribution cable

Premium Line Outdoor metal Free FTTH Distribution Cable has an excellent water resistance performance and its "Dry Core" design makes installation very comfortable and easy:



  •    ITU-G652D fibers in use, OS2 grading after cabled (att. <0.4dB @ 1310nm/1550nm)
  •   2cores per tube design, ideal for FTTx 1:8,1:16, 2:16 or 2:32 fiber channels distribution

  •   Double water-proof members, excellent water resistance performance
  •   User friendly “Dry Core” design, for comfortable and easy installation 
  •   Outer diameter 10.8mm available fits with ODN access holes 
  •   Metal free construction could install with exist utility, like power lines 
  •   MM cores available upon request



Ideal design for FTTx distribution, also pop in    

  •    Outdoor and Indoor environment  
  •   Campus Backbone Aerial Cabling 
  •   All computer network FDDI, ATM and Ethernet application 
  •   LSOH sheathed available for premises backbone




  •   Storage temp. -400C ~ 700C 
  •   Operation temp. -400C ~ 700C 
  •  Installation temp. -200C ~ 500C 
  •  Max. tensile, 1000N 
  •  Bending radius with loading, 10.8cm


Comfortabel and Easy Operation Experience!





No Filling Jelly Contamination!


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